What is DriveAds?

DriveAds is a powerful and effective outdoor advertising media platform based in Dallas, Texas. We connect advertisers with trucks to create dynamic on-vehicle advertising. We allow trucking companies to generate a new revenue source from their trucks by driving ads. At the same time, we give advertisers memorable, dynamic, impossible-to-miss advertisements on trucks that comes with the reliability of industry-standard measurable impression data for all campaigns.

How many impressions can a truck get?

30,000-50,000 per day.

Who are the drivers that drive my ads?

Drivers are professional truck drivers who have all the proper licensing and qualifications met to drive the trucks they drive. Drivers we work with may work for themselves or work for a large trucking fleet company.

What happens if a driver gets a complaint?

After taking ample time to listen to the complaint and fully understand the issue, we cross-reference the driver’s routes to ensure that their vehicle was actually present at the time and location mentioned in the complaint. We then speak directly with the driver to get their full side of the story. If we determine that the driver was indeed at fault, we will decide whether or not they should remain on the campaign based on the severity of the situation. If a driver is ever removed from your campaign, we will notify you immediately and allow you to decide if you would like to replace that truck with a new one. We strive to deal with all complaints swiftly and in the most positive, pro-client way possible.

How do you ensure that my ad will not be seen in a location that could damage my brand?

Brand protection is paramount and our top priority with all our advertisers/brands. Our trucking agreements use very obvious language to ensure that this can’t happen. Trucking companies must also agree to a separate document, informing them that they may be immediately pulled from a campaign if they engage in behaviors that could harm a brand. Our only goal is to be an excellent steward of your brand.

What happens if one of my campaign trucks gets into an accident?

You will be notified immediately if anything happens to a truck involved in your campaign, and we will walk you through the available options. We will then advise you on the best way to remedy the situation depending on where we are with your campaign. Please be advised that clients are not charged for the days that truck is out of commission while it’s be repaired or serviced.

This sounds great. I’m in! What is your pricing model?

Thanks! We think it’s great too. Click here to submit your specific company campaign info and contact info and we’ll get back to you with more information on how it works, as soon as we can. When we get back to you, we’ll ask you some questions and gladly cover all pricing.





Truck/Fleet Owners

What is DriveAds?

DriveAds is a powerful and effective outdoor advertising media platform based in Dallas, Texas. We pay truck and fleet owners to drive ads on their trucks.

How much money can I make as a truck/fleet owner?

We pay $400 a month per truck/trailer that we place ads on. Please contact us direct for a quote on how much revenue your trucks can generate working with DriveAds.

What type of truck(s) are you wanting?

We look for:
– Box & semi trucks (various sizes)
– Trucks with trailers of various lengths (up to 53”)
– Trucks with GPS tracking units already installed or open to having a GPS unit installed which is required.
– Trucks in good condition only
– High-mileage routes/hauls
– Able to have ads affixed to their outer walls for a set number of months (campaign length)

Do I have to pay anything EVER?

Great question. The answer is ‘no’. As the truck or fleet owner you will never have any out-of-pocket expenses or costs to pay if you are with our network. Your company only makes money from ads placed on your trucks and that’s it. You can only make money working with us, never will you be asked to spend any money.

How and when do you pay us?

We pay via ACH or wire transfers. We can also pay you via snail mail with the old-school method, a check, if you’re still into that kind of thing.

Payments to truck/fleet owners happens after we’ve received payment from the advertiser. Bigger advertisers usually mean you’ll start receiving payment within 90 days days after having an ad installed on your truck(s). While trucks with ads from smaller advertisers will usually start receiving money within 60 days of campaign start date. Most will then receive monthly checks after the initial waiting period.

Can the ad installation damage my truck walls?

There is no drilling and no screwing so the outer side walls of your trucks aren’t compromised or damaged.

When installing the ad on my truck how is it installed?

An industrial-strength adhesive framing is adhered to the outer walls that the advertisement is connected with. No screws are used and there is no drilling. Our framing system allows us to easily and quickly switch out ads on the trucks when needed.

How long does the installation of the ad take?

The installation of the ad takes around 4-5 hours.

How long does the removal of the ad take?

The removal of the ad takes about 1 hour.

What locations are the ads installed at?

We can schedule the installation of the ads onto your truck(s) literally almost anywhere. We find that doing it at truck stations or truck yards is most convenient.

How long do the ads stay on our truck(s)?

Our longest campaigns are 24 months. Shortest is 6 months.

With the ads on trucks are they still within USDOT Truck Width Restrictions?

Yes, all ads when installed on your truck are fully compliant with USDOT Truck Width Restrictions.